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16 décembre 2013 1 16 /12 /décembre /2013 08:37


The Slime


Safety : Don't forget to put your gloves, if you forget it, your hands became dirty.


Material :

Equipment - To make the slime, we need a plastic glasses, a spoon, a ultraviolet light and a graduated cylinder.


Substance - We need the borax, poyvinyl acohol, glowing, coloring substance ( eosin, fluorescein, methylene blue ), soft drink with quinina.


Protocol :

To make the slime we mix the borax, polyvinyl alcohol, and some coloring substances in a plastic glasses during few minutes.


Observations :

1) What happens when you take it in your hands ?

- If you take the slime in your hands, it sticks to you and it flows on your table.

2) What do you see when you put it under an ultraviolet light ?

- We see a glowing light. It diffuses the ultraviolet light.


Conclusion :

The slime is a liquid , it looks like a solid because we can take it in our hands but it's only for few seconds ! It's really a liquid. because it doesn't have it's own shape.

The slime diffuses another souce's light as a consequence it's a secondary light source.

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