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16 décembre 2013 1 16 /12 /décembre /2013 08:35

Science experiment n°2




Equipements                                                            Substances

-Plastic Glasses                                     -Borax (also know as sodium tetraborate)

-A spoon                                                -Polyvinyl alcohol

-Ultraviolet light                                      -Glowing, coloring substances (eosin,

-Graduated cylinder                                 fluorescein, methylene blue)
                                                             -Soft dirnk with quinina



We take four glasses and we pour 10 ml of borax in each with colorant (Eosin or fluorescein or methylene blue) and in the last, we add quinina. We mix it to make the substance homogenous.

After, we add 100 ml of polyvinyl alcohol in the four glasses, while we stir continuously with the spoon.

Don't stop this movement until the substance is viscous but not sticky.

We must manipulate the substance and pick up all the slime between your fingers and we can juggle and try things.
Put the slimes back in the glasses and observe what happens.

What can you do with slime?

We can :

  • Juggle with this.
  • Hold it with our fingers.
  • Handle as we want.
  • Manipulate the substance with ultraviolet light.       


Solid or Liquid ?

The slime is liquid because it takes the shape of its container and it has its own shape. The surface is always flat and horizontal. This is a characteristics of liquid.

Primary or Secondary Light Source ?

The slime is a secondary light source because it diffuses ultraviolet light.



SE 2 The slime by Indiana and EmilieSE 2 The slime by Indiana and Emilie

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