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Dry ice


Safety : Dry ice temperature is extremely cold at -109.3 °F (-78.5 °C). Always need to wear a protective cloth and oven mitt. NEVER TOUCH IT WITH BARE HANDS OR SKIN. A contact with your skin will freeze your cells and cause injury similar to a burn.


Material :

          Equipment                                                               Substance

Gloves                                                                          Solid Carbone Dioxide

(Transparent) basin with a large rim                                Water

Strip of fabric (coton)                                                    Dish Soap

Graduated cylinder                                                        Sugar

Weighing Scale                                                             Glycerin

Small Dish



Protocol : First we are going to prepare the soap mixture, put it in the jam pot :

                - 50ml of water

                - 10g of sugar

                - 40ml of dish soap (don't stir)

                - 20ml of glycerin (stir gently)

                - 80ml of water stir again

                Fill 2/3 of the basin with water. With your oven mitt take a piece of dry ice

                and put it in a water. DON'T THROW IT. Dip your fabric in a soap mixture.

                Stretch it and slowly rub it along the edge of the basin in order to create 

                single bubble.


Observation : What does dry ice look like ? What is it made of ? What are the

                         characteristics of dry ice ?

                         It look like an ice cube It's made of water and solid carbon dioxyde.  

                        The temperature is -78.5°C.

                        What happens when you put water into it ?

                        It creates a cloud.


Conclusions : To identify the presence of liquid water we use anhydrous copper sulfate (it becomes blue in the presence of water). And when we put the dry ice into the water, it's states changes 3 times. First it vaporize,  next it sublime and at the end the steam water becomes a cloud again.

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