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17 mars 2014 1 17 /03 /mars /2014 08:29

Dry Ice experiment !


                               For this experiment, we used :

Substances : solid carbon dioxide, water, dish soap, sugar, glycerin


Equipment : gloves, basin with a large rim, strip of fabric (cotton), graduated cylinder, weighing scale, small dish, spoon



1. Mix 50 mL of water and 10 g of sugar in a large jam pot.
2. Add 40 mL of dish soap but do not stir !

3. Then add 20mL of glycerin and stir gently (don't make bubbles).
4. Finally, add 80 mL of water. Stir again.

For make a giant dry ice bubble :

1. Fill 2/3 of the basin with water.
2. Take a piece of dry ice with your oven mitt and put it gently in the water, do not throw it !

3. Soak your cotton fabric in the soap mixture.
4. Rub slowly it along the rim of the basin.

5. when you created a bubble, wait for that grow and explodes.


Observations :

Dry Ice looks like an ice block. It's made of solid carbon dioxyde. It's extra cold, its temperature is -78,5°C.
When we put water on it, it creates a cloud which grows up and explodes.
The cloud is made of water because anhydrous copper sulfate becomes blue.


Good bye ladies and gentlemen and thank you for watching our video !
By Emilie and Chelsea ! :)

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