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17 mars 2014 1 17 /03 /mars /2014 08:55

Dry Ice


             For makes this experiment, we need :     - gloves

                                                                         - basin with a large rim

                                                                         - strip of fabric

                                                               - graduated cylinder

         - weighing scale

          - small dish                           

          - spoon

          - solid carbon dioxyde

         - water 

         - dish soap

          - sugar             

                                                                                              - glycerin                        




BUT BE CAREFULL !!!!!!!!!Never touch dry ice with barehands or skin because dry ice temperature is  cold at -78.5 °C, so handledry ice with care and wear protective cloth like an oven mitt.









Protocol : - We mix 50ml ofwater, 10g of sugar, 40ml of dish soap, 20ml of glycerin and                          again 80ml of water.

                - After, we let's make a giant dry ice bubble.

                - Now, we fill 2/3 of the basin with water.

                - Next, we take a piece of dry ice and put it gently in the water.

                 - Stretch dish soap and rub it along the edge.

                - Then wait for the bubble to grow and burst.




Changes of states




Conclusion : - The dry ice is a solid carbon dioxyde.

                     - Thanks to anhydrous copper sulfate, we know the cloud is composed                         of water.








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