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17 mars 2014 1 17 /03 /mars /2014 08:31


We need :                                                

  • gloves                                                    
  • basin with a large rim
  • strip of fabric
  • graduated cylinder
  • weighing scale
  • small dish
  • spoon

Substances :

  • solide carbon dioxide
  • water
  • dish soap
  • sugar
  • glycerin

Caution!!! The ice is very very cold at -78.5°C!!!

Protocol :

Stir sugar, glycerin, water and dish soap with spoon. Fill a basin at 2/3 of water and put a piece of dry ice in a basin. Soak a strip of fabric in the mix and pass it on the rim of the basin.

Observations :

The mix creates a single bubble on the rim of the basin and it seems the water is boiling. At around 40 seconds it explod.

Conclusion :

The experiment shows different changes of states :

  1. The solid carbon dioxide becomes gas, it's sublimation
  2. The gas becomes liquid, it's condensation.

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