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14 octobre 2013 1 14 /10 /octobre /2013 08:50

                                       Luminescent chemical reaction







Materials :  We used potassium ferricyanide, luminol, four test tubes, one plastic pipette, one graduated cylinder and hydrogen peroxide.



Experiments : For the first test tube, we didn't use colorant. For the 2nd tube, we used eosin. For the 3rd tube, we used fluoroscein and for the last tube, we used methylene blue.



How does it work ? When we put some drops of luminol in the first tube (without colorant), we obtain a purple color. In the 2nd tube, we put some drops of eosin, we obtain a red color. In the 3rd tube, we put some drops of fluoroscein and we obtain a green color and for the last tube, we put some drops of methylene blue and we obtain a blue color. Depending of the volume of luminol, the light is more or less intense.



Conclusion :  The luminol is a primary source of light when we put in a recipient potassium ferricyanide and hydrogen peroxide.

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