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17 mars 2014 1 17 /03 /mars /2014 09:39
Dry ice bubble by Mickaël & Sylvain
Dry ice




  • Equipement

We use : -Gloves

               -(Transparent) Basin with a large

               -Strip of fabric (cotton)

               -Graduated cylinder

               -Small Dish



  • Substances

We use : -Solid Carbon Dioxide


               -Dish Sorp



It's very cold, his temperature is 78.5°C.

If you touch it, your hands can disappear !


  1. Pour 50mL of water in a large jam pot.

  2. Add 10g of sugar. Mix the ingredients.

  3. Add 40mL of dish soap. Do not stir !

  4. Add 20mL of glycerin. Stir gently (not too fast because bubbles will appeared !)

  5. Add 80mL of water. Stir again.



  1. Fill 2/3 of the basin with water.

  2. With your oven mitt, take a piece of dry ice (with the gloves, of course) and put it gently in the water. Do not throw it !

  3. Dip your fabric in the soap mixture.

  4. Stretch it and slowly rub it along  the edge of the basin in order to create a single bubble.

  5. Wait for the bubble to grow and burst.

  6. You can do it again if you have the time. (you can do the experiment again replacing water by a soft drink with quinina to observe under ultraviolet light)



It produces a big bubble :D.



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