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Dry Ice

Materiels :


Gloves, Transparent basin with a large rim, Strip of fabric(cotton), Gratuated cylinder, Weighing scale, Small dish, Spoon, Solid carbon dioxide, Water, Dish soap, Sugar, Glycerin and U$!

Experiment :

The soap mixture :
Pour 50 mL of water and add 10 g of sugar and mix the ingredients in a large jam pot. Add 40mL of dish soap. DO NOT STIR ! Add 20 mL of glycerin. Stir GENTLY ! Add 80mL of water.Stir again.
Now let's make a giant dry ice bubble !:
Fill 2/3 of the basin with water. With your oven mitt, take a piece of dry ice put it gentle in the water. Do no throw it ! Dip your fabric in the soap mixture. Strech it and slowly rub it along the edge of the basin in order to create a single bubble. Wait for the bubble to grow and burst.


It creates a cloud. The cloud is made of water because anhydrous copper sulfate becomes blue.

Conclusion :

In a boiling water, there are changes of states. The Sublimation (the solid is turn in gas), Vaporization (the liquidis turn in gas) and Condensation (the gas is turn in liquid).




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