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14 octobre 2013 1 14 /10 /octobre /2013 08:37

Luminescent Chemical Reactions



Materials :

-test tubes

-yogurt pots 

-plastic pipette

-graduated cylinder


-hydrogen peroxide

-Glowing, coloring substances (Eosin, Fluorescein,methylene blue)

-potassium ferricianide


Experiment :

We mix potassium ferricianide and luminol in the first tube ; in the seconde tube we mix potassium ferricianide, luminol and eosin ; we mix, in the third tube, potassium ferricianide, luminol and fluorescein ; and for finish, we mix potassium ferricianide, luminol and methylene blue in the last tube.


How does it work ?

When the luminol meets the other substance(s) we see an "explosion" of light.


Conclusion :  

There are primary sources of light because they produce their own light.



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